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OWASP Validation Regex Repository
These Regexs are examples and not built for a particular Regex engine. However, the PCRE syntax is mainly used. In particular, this means that character classes do not contain meta characters which need to be escaped, except the - and ] character, where it is assumed that a - needs not to be escaped only when it is the last character in a character class. The character class supports shortcut notations for other character classes like \s or \w which should not be used as they depend on the LOCALE environment setting in most systems.
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@TechAtHeart Yes, I'm pretty sure. Though I'm not a crypto expert. Hopefully @wildpup84 can confirm this. It is an interesting topic, I wish to learn more.
@TechAtHeart @csgeek https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Regular_expression_Denial_of_Service_-_ReDoS
@wildpup84 Thank you. You should share your knowledge in more details when sharing a link, I am sure many people would be interested :-)