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So you think your dad is pretty bad*ss? Think again. Because John Wilhelm, a Swiss artist, has just redefined it. Using photoshop, he takes his 3 adorable daughters to crazy fantasy worlds where no kid has gone before. Though truth be told, it's hard to say who's having more fun: 3 daughters feeding a stinky pelican or Wilhelm himself photoshopping these images.
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Pic # 6 is fantastic. of course they all are. but the composition is magical.
This is so great!! @divalycious, you should definitely share this in the Parenthood community as well! Maybe also Toddlers and Kids - I love seeing stuff like this there. It makes me inspired to be a cooler, more creative mom!
thanks for the suggestions @worddoctor , just did :D
he really really works professional.
What an awesome dad! These pictures are amazing. I'm sure his kids had a great time!