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what wheels should i pick, for fast freeride, i want it too slide smooth but that last longer
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Id ride Boss Hawgs for fast freeride, but thats just me. They thane out well and an alright price. I honestly love the thane out on Bustin 5Os but they dont last as long as Id like for the price.
These wheels 327 or 317 last long but don't thane as much. They are harder to break in but also harder to flat spot.
Call me crazy but try some Otang morongas
Orangatang Morongas ride sooo smoothly. I love them! I have Abec 11 Freerides and Orangatang Stimulus as well, but I have yet to use them. I will give you an update next week when I break them in. Definitely get center set if you can.
For me my favorite wheels for fast freeride have been; BO Morgans, which I hope to have an 84a set soon, RAD release 80 (which after riding glides I'd say to go for them instead if you have good grippy pavement), or venom cannibals. These ATF are great for it too but I found them inconsistent. I can easily say tho if you have the money to replace cores the BO Morgans were my favorite wheel and I walked up from every run smiling in awe of them