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Great news from my hometown (sarcasm), police went out this weekend and arrested people who were feeding the homeless. Three people were arrested this weekend and more have been arrested previous to this because of a new of a new city ordinance. The issue has made national headlines and received much criticism from Steven Colbert and others. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler stood by the ordinance, saying "it does not stop the feedings altogether, just makes them cleaner and safer for everyone". Opposers say it is just a way to 'fight the homeless'. To me, it seems like a way to make it harder for people help the homeless. Who says I can't buy two lunches from a local store and sit down with a friend who happens to be less fortunate than I in the city park? I would be arrested if I did so.
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Those were my thoughts exactly. Where does it stop?
people need to stand up to this. who wrote this law and who VOTED for it. If the people approved this law then it would be legit. If they passed this law without voters consent then we have a problem. No official should make RULES because they FEEL like it. They must get OUR decision. WE voted for them THEY must do what we as a collective approve of. ya'll think I'm bullshiting, but the laws will get more aggressive and will put a strangle hold on us for good.
Well is it a law in the city? It's hard to judge anyone until we know more about the city. Have they had a problem with too much homelessness? Are more people willing to become homeless because people are giving out free food? I'll reserve my judgements until I know more. Definitely feel bad for the people arrrested though. They are just trying to be a good samaritan
You know what? I agree I think more proof needs to be investigated!@TeamWaffles
You know.what? I really wouldn't doubt people would take advantage. but regardless, giving under strict laws or opportunist or what not its still a blessing Even when they are taking advantage of you, you will be rewarded handsomely.