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Longboards for heavy fellas
Howdy all! Being a neophyte to all this goodness, I'm still trying to get a handle on all the ins and outs. The ultimate goal: get a good board that will hopefully last for a good bit and start to enjoy some of the hills in my area. I started on a skateboard years back and frankly prefer cruising or bombing hills. I'm 5'11" and a plush 250lbs. Any recommendations would be most welcome. I'm kind of leaning towards a symmetrical board, but am not too keen on brands and shapes and what have you. Thanks ahead of time.
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I'm a pretty hefty guy and i was a bit scared too. but then I found my solution. I got the 2012 earthwing supermodel. that board is a freaking tank man. its also pretty inexpensive too.
No offence to @mpoblete but Loaded would be a horrible choice for a big guy unless you go with the Chubby Unicorn. All the rest of their decks are based around defection. (Witch is simply your board breaking) Id never ride Loaded because personal I find it disrespectful to the sport, but a big guy will destroy one in no time. Especially if he is truly riding it.