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Germany and Brazil Propose UN Resolution Re-Write To Condemn 'Highly Intrusive Acts' of NSA Surveillance
Both Germany and Brazil made alterations to a United Nations resolution addressing the issue of state surveillance. Both countries called for protection against government spying on personal data and communications. Both countries had their networks breached by US NSA surveillance systems, so you could see why both countries have taken these actions to try and prevent this from happening in the future. "As the universal guardian of human rights, the United Nations must play a key role in defending the right to privacy, as well as freedom of opinion and expression in our digital world," said Germany's UN Ambassador, Harald Braun. I am glad that a few big countries are taking a stand on this issue. I would hate for this just to be pushed under the rug and for people to live in ignorance of the storing of their personal information for no reason.
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Glad somebody is standing up to big bad NSA. I'm happy that Snowden released the information that allowed these countries to notice they were being spied on, and I am ashamed that our government reacted the way it did.
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I would be mad too if another country looked into my citizens communications. Merica went too far this time
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