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So that beautiful LandYachtz is my DH bomber! I know its a Grom Race but Im unsure the year and honestly just curious. If anyone knows please Id love to know as well. Ignore my lovely Bustin, Im just to lazy to take a shot of just the LY at the moment.
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Thanks guys its only a little of all I got. An @Mannith honestly I hate SF its so much bs and unorganized I cant do it. Its rare you can get any straight answer on there. On here at least its a good set up even if most of the members are still clueless.
then post it on longboard porn on Facebook
Never even heard of Longboard porn and Facebook wouldn't help in any way I see.
Lol cause it's a secret group on Facebook you can only get invited into but I've said too much
Ah well Im not big into fb. Basically just post n log off. I actually use Twitter but thats about it.