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I don't know about you guys, but for me this video is so sweet. I live right next to the city so Ive past by many of these places not even considering what it would be like to skate here. ChEck it out! Evolve NYC: Longboarding or Skateboarding? - Bust…:
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thats awesome! thanks @SteveLee772
they market their brand with this pushculture thing so the hipster transplants don't have to feel bad when they get off the G train from NYU where they major in liberal arts. my only problem with bustin is that they're going for and trying to own the "city feel" as you say, when they aren't even from here, and trying to capitalize off of the NY scene. also the fact that most of the people who buy their boards do so as fashion accessories, similar to penny boards, and they openly market towards those people. although in the past few years they have stepped up their game and are catching up, and I like that, cause I'm not hating just for the sake of hating.
@Jlukasik Its not about where youre from its about where youre going man. As far as buyers most people I know wont touch a Bustin because of their concaves. Im one of few people I know who have one and I can certainly tell you where Im from these boards are owned by the guys n gals doing real skate. Witch is rare as hell in my area. Also no hate just sayin!
That was the coolest thing I've ever seen @BenKaplan
Thanks @StephenMyers Ill try to post mor like it !