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Whenever someone asks me to describe my style, I always find it difficult to answer, since my style can be dependent upon my mood. If I have to choose a description, I would say simple, minimal, and comfort. Which is why I have a big style crush on Ana Kras. Ana Kras is a New York based lamp designer and photographer. Her approach of style is versatility and simplicity. Every piece she owns can be "in fashion" every season because it's basic. This is something I'm keeping in mind when rebuilding my wardrobe. I'm not the girl that can splurge on the latest designer bag or go out on a shopping spree every time I feel like it. My limitation force me to be creative with what I have and invest in things I can wear for a long time, instead of chasing trends. Hence, Ana Kras is who I look toward when I need some fashion inspiration.
I love her black turtle neck dress!
Love her style. Simple yet stylish.