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LA's J. Paul Getty Museum paid over $65 million for an Edouard Manet painting at a Christie's auction in New York this week, setting a new record price for the French Impressionist artist's work. The museum believes the painting - "Spring (Le Printemps)" - is now easily one of the top five paintings in its entire collection. (Which is a little insane if you've ever been to the Getty Museum before - its collection is HUGE.) Manet initially painted "Spring" to be the first in a series of four portraits that portrayed the four seasons through images of women. In this painting, for example, Spring is expressed through a portrait of Parisian actress Jeanne Demarsy in floral print and gloves. However, the artist died in 1883 with only two of the intended works completed: "Autumn" and "Spring". As a result, "Spring" was the final work Manet was ever able to show at a Salon before his passing.
Art is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This is an awesome piece. To be the last he even painted gives it that much more value. I used to live in LA but we moved a few years ago. Bummer, as I would have loved to have seen this in person.
Wow! Beautiful painting, they're lucky to have acquired it!
I'm not surprised the museum payed $65 million. I know nearly nothing about art yet I know the name Manet. That has to mean something right?
I love this painting, and am honestly not surprised they'd pay such a price to add it to their collection! I mean, it was the last piece he showed before dying, which gives it a huge bump in popularity, and I just find it so beautiful. I love the colors!