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Here is a really helpful infographic made by Design*Sponge that shows you which type of adhesive would be most effective for the materials that you're working with. If you're anything like me (aka the kind of person who just wants to use Elmer's washable gluesticks forever), this graphic will show you how to keep your projects from falling apart and help you create everything with a cleaner finish. When you see an *, know that these glues are not ideal for adhering the material, but can be sufficient if the project is small and lightweight.
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@danidee -- Thanks for the post! @marshalledgar pointed it out. I'm now going to clip it!
I am so happy to have this! I've wondered so many times...and used wrong ones with much frustration.
EUREKA!! How handy & cool. is this?!? Than bunches!!!;)
How about monkey glue?
@ChriSingularis Is that like Gorilla Glue? If I recall correctly, that's got sort of a rubber cement consistency, right?