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"It's not so much a superstition - it's related to the fact that if you only have enough energy, focus or daylight to do one more run, you're probably not performing at your best and are pushing your limits in some way. That's when people get hurt, and it's the main reason behind the last run 'superstition" I've heard of this superstition from a number of boarders and I lived by it ever since. It makes sense because when we focus on one last run we push ourselves and in the process (IME) forget the fundamentals, such a proper tuck, forgetting to look behind us for car or friends, drafting into a person way too fast, etc etc. Pretty much don't say last run. I usually say "Lets go a few more times" and it varies on how many times I'll actually be going down again. It's better to end on a good note after a good run, rather than leave it in a ambulance. I've also got into the habit of tightening all my axel nuts down before i start boarding because i lost a wheel while doing 35+ MPH due to a loose axel nut. xD
I've got a habit of spinning all my wheels before I even start longboarding. Just to check if my bearings locked up and whatnot
I've had a wheel pop off at only around 20mph because my bearings were old, and after sliding so much, the bearing literally broke apart
Good habit to have man. I should probably do the same, bearings locking up suck. ._.