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I freaking love their breakdowns. They are just so appealing. I see what all the buz is on this board. Its seems like an all around good board. Opinions? Loaded Board Breakdown | Chubby Unicorn:
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@steezus you're not wrong! I'm sure if it got the best setup possible, it can cost well over $600. :)
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@mpoblete chubby with dtc wheels, magun trucks, and dtc wheels would put your around the $1200 mark ;) not that you really can get Maguns anymore
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@blakegardiner don't forget bones ceramic bearings to add another hundred. Lol
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Gotta love the chubby
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True, it's very expensive, but think of the amount of research and development/engineering/material science that went into this. Look at Paris, they've been developing new trucks that will be coming out very soon, and their r&d took 3 years to finally say it's ready to be out in the market.
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