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I saw everyone doing setup Saturday, so I decided "Why not do one today?". Its my drop deck Atom freeride with Blood Orange griptape, Sector9 1/4" risers, standard trucks(Not sure what brand exactly, and Abec11 Grippin's with Bones Reds bearings. its a clean, mean, boarding machine. What do you guys think?
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yeah I know I am planning on getting a drop through deck
kryptonics routes dump thane for days kryptonics made the first urethane skateboard wheels, then a company bought the name and started making Walmart boards under it. recently, a company has acquired rights to kryptonics star tracs and has started making the same original urethane wheels that are actually high quality, but its a different company from the Walmart brand. Im looking into picking up a set of 60mm 78a Star Tracs when I get through my current wheel lineup.
if you are implying I got my board from Walmart you are wrong, I got mine from a skate shop that had it sitting around,
I was talking to mannith, explaining that there are two companies under name. the term "Walmart board" doesn't mean they're sold solely in walmart, and i never implied where you bought it. although if you do want to extend its life, you can lay it up with fiberglass. it'll increase its stiffness and torsional rigidity, handling speed better as well as being more resilient to use/abuse.
Yeah I help test the reissues by duster I'm a fan of the green 86a thane @Jlukasik