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I want this deck so bad. I just love the concave and shape.
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there's also the rayne vandal, its the same exact shape but instead of bacon its got big wheel flares, it feels more natural under the feet. the fortune isn't for everyone though, some people love it, some don't. make sure you get a chance to try one out before you make the big purchase. the fortune has fatbottom though so the wheel clearance is insane.
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I'm just a big fan of P-swiss, rode one once and didn't want to get off. Made me a little jaded @Jlukasik
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well that's no good is it :0 jad·ed ˈjādəd/ adjective tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something. be on the lookout on raynes site, sometimes they throw up factory 2nds for a discount.
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True man @Jlukasik
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@tristendamon be wary the standing platform is extremely short on the misfortune. Tho it's a super suck board
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