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I would have to say these are the best longboarding investment I've made! They really do save ur Bum and your hips for that matter. Every longboarder or skater should have a pair of these shorts!
I love triple 8's stuff! Best half shell helmets ever
I need that!
not trying to sound like an elitist or whatnot cause I myself have a t8, but the predator fr7 certified is a safer halfshell helmet than the t8 brainsaver. its very comfortable and well ventilated fro. everything I've heard. if you're ever in the market for a new helmet definitely check it out. gonna try and pick one up myself for next season.
Shingaurds would be smart too, but I wouldn't want to ride around looking like the Michellen man
ooh. these would of saved me the other day. Tried being cool and told my buddy to try and take this corner at the bottom of this hill at like 40 or 50 m.p.h. and he ate it out in front of me... then I slid to late and iced out into a curb, and that's when I dented my shin, and my hip stopped most of my momentum. to add insult to injury I wacked it trying to learn a 180 shuv-it the next day... ow
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