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11 stitches, shaved eye-brow, memories
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You know it @frankiemarvel
3 years ago·Reply
Ehh, well always tend to do stupid shit in the beginning of our longboard gurneys when we see others do it @IsaacPaulR
3 years ago·Reply
lol I cant lie... I bombed a hill on my flex 3 tan tien with suuuuper loose bushings as my VERY FIRST ride. bad road rash...
3 years ago·Reply
Had i rather similar mistake @IsaacPaulR. I bombed a hill with a bone stock complete atom drop deck. Lets just say it hurt to walk the next few days xD. but in all seriousness @frankiemarvel where your helmet dude, it could save you. Id rather look like a mushroom and live to ride another day than "look good" fpr a very short and unfortunate longboarding career hhaha. Get better soon!
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan what it was was me just underestimating what a hill can really do
3 years ago·Reply