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Solis Quality Longboards
This is the first board I ever made. It's totally flat because I didn't know how to add concave at the time I think that grip tape is pretty sick!
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That's just birch. It is cheap so it is good to experiment with. Soon I will start with bamboo and fiberglass.
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Nice! You may want to know how to add concave and such I just sent a message to another person who asked me, I'll post it here!
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Ah man never mind I can't copy it on my ipod and I'm too lazy to type it again! Basically, you just have to make a jig with a 2x4 in the middle and clamp down on all the plys that you laminated (glued) to make the 2x4 push down on the laminated board and thus giving concave!
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Thanks! This board was made a while ago and since then I have figured out how to add concave and other sending techniques! Thanks for the help though!
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Sure thing! I'm in the design process of a board with slight concave and double kicks myself, I just gotta make a jig!
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