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bustin boards?

lots of forums I have come across argue about these boards. what does the vingle community think about these boards? quality, pros, cons?
@CooperBridentha Iv riden a few of their boards, never the sportster though. I have a custom maestro and i love it. For the most part their boards feel great, but like i said i havent tried all of them. You should definitely check out the customability options and before you buy it, watch some reviews on youtube!
I have a friend who rides for them sometimes (they'll ask him to pose for photos, race). He has said so many good things about them, so I can't really take his word. However, the first board I ever tried was a Bustin (40"x10" drop thru). It was the most stable board I've ever been on. I don't know if it's the Ronin trucks that gave it that low center of gravity feel, but I definitely see why a lot of ppl pay good money for 'um. I've also seen it take a beating. Holds up pretty well.
yeah I looked at the website but I want some personal opinions not just descriptions trying to coax me in to selling it you know?
oh I know what they mean. trust me I'm very well knowledged on that vocabulary. personal opinions can help a lot.
well instead of asking what other people think learn what words board companies use mean, like push board, double drop or gas pedals. every person has different opinions on different things
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