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Now that he has finally found his mother, will he know that it is moon yeon that has possessed her or will he simply give in to his weakness?? what will happen to arang? will she continue being the bait?? this show is getting real exciting now.. the real question, in this war of god and the devil, will our innocent arang and eun ho suffer?
lyreshbaja i'm entertaining same thoughts..which gives me hope that they might life (happy!!) or in death(sad)
...maybe Eun Ho is like arang (ghost turned to human)..remember he already died when he was a kid and jade emperor just gave life to him..just my thought.. (^_^)
20 episodes right..there's gonna be alot of suspense.
what i'm afrai of is if th jade emperor asks for eun ho's life after this thing with moon yeon.. or maybe as a prize for stopping moon yeon, the jade emperor will give arang a new leash on life... but how about eun ho's life? or that the jade emperor wll be merciful and give both of them a new life...hahha.. am confused, guessing what our ending is makes my head ache but am still happy.. ^^
but will they grant her a life?? and now i doubt chances of the two of them reuniting in their afterlives..because eun ho was also supposed to die
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