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Seriously what shoes ya guys got? I am looking for something extremely light weight but some what durable. Im sick of throw money away on a bunch of maybe shoes! doc Martins are in the pic and I love them but I wish they could take a bit more of a beating. I go out to learn something every sesh witch means I fall almost every sesh.
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I haven't had luck with any kinda Vans. Although I haven't wore any fat shoes to skate in almost two years. It feels sloppy and I hate it.
@Jlukasik I do everything but cruise. A 30ish mph wipe ate the shoe above. Most my wear comes from freestyle though.
Nike's work well, and I used to love wearing Supras
Chuck Taylor's if you're looking for minimal weight, but if you want some kicks that can really take beating, you want some Jordan's Air Force ones, but good Jordan's can get pretty spendy are heavy as shit, but are still the best shoe for riding in my opinion
I wear vans