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Seriously what shoes ya guys got? I am looking for something extremely light weight but some what durable. Im sick of throw money away on a bunch of maybe shoes! doc Martins are in the pic and I love them but I wish they could take a bit more of a beating. I go out to learn something every sesh witch means I fall almost every sesh.
@SteveLee772 nikes are usually only good for basketball shoes
Well thanks everyone, the input is nice. I have my own feelings on a lot of the mentioned but theres a few I'll be checking into. Hopefully something works out an I dont buy more Docs!
@Jlukasik I do everything but cruise. A 30ish mph wipe ate the shoe above. Most my wear comes from freestyle though.
I haven't had luck with any kinda Vans. Although I haven't wore any fat shoes to skate in almost two years. It feels sloppy and I hate it.
@SteveLee772 I'm doing downhill and freeride, some street and park, and getting into freestyle. that's not even daily riding either, I'm lucky to get in two sessions a week. if you're cruising, of course shoes are gonna last you forever. skateboarding fucks up your shoes, there's no changing that. buy a tube of shoegoo and you'll be fine
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