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It's no surprise that the web applications are the next big thing in development these days. The Dart programming language was developed by a team over at Google to build scalable web apps, but also for general purposes. As of right now, you are now able to use it with Google App Engine. The benefits of making Dart compatible with App Engine: • access to Google's Data store • caching services • monitoring and logging tools • scaling + storage is handled by engine • full server control • local development • safe deployment All you need to get started is the Google Cloud and Dart SDKs Check it out over at www.dartlang.org/cloud
Same here, @TechAtHeart - don't know if I'll ever get to the level to use this, but I also work with developers on several things so it's great to stay on top of the different tools and services available. Thanks, @csgeek!
scalability is so important, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do something with this, but it's good to know!
@sanityscout no problem! yes, it's good to stay on top of everything in this business because it is so fast paced.
@TechAtHeart hmm, yes you wouldn't find much use to this if you weren't a developer