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Yes or no? I have mixed views... Explain to me why you think it's good or bad?
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Ive rode two looked at them a few times. Nice decks for sure, little bit more than the other things on their level but thats cause they are a for the environment company. Witch is cool, go earth!
I'm thinking about getting an arbor.. This comments sure help!(:
they make a lot of cruisers, there's not much you can get wrong with a cruiser haha, but the shakedowns and their DH/Freeride/Pro Model boards are pretty good
I really like arbor boards. They're very well made, great boards to start off with if you're new, not overly expensive, and it's just a good all around feel good board. You can't go wrong with an Arbor board.
Their boards are well put together and feel pretty solid. I have the axis and I love it. Great board for someone that wants to take longboarding seriously or wants a cruiser that will last forever but can't drop a lot of cash.