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Supplies: Canvas Shoes (Payless Shoes), DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint, Apple Barrel Paint (fabric paint), and masking tape Step 1: Use masking tape to tape off a bottom and top section of the shoe. Step 2: Paint a stripe on a contrasting color. After it dries, paint one more coat. Step 3: As the stripe is drying, use a sponcer dipped in white So Soft Fabric Paint to create polka dots on the shoe. Step 4: Continue stamping dots around the shoe. Step 5: Carefully remove the masking tape around the bottom of the shoe. You're done!
These totally don't look homemade - I love it!
@caricakes it doesn't look homemade at all. The workmanship is amazing.
So awesome and much cheaper alternative than buying keds with a similar pattern