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I am the worst at actually watching things live, so here is my (very not live) recount of the winners from this year's European Music Awards: Best Video Katy Perry – “Dark Horse ft. Juicy J” ~ Great video but Juicy J's rap mis cringe-worthy. No matter how many times I jam to this song, I have to skip over the rap or at least pretend it isn't happening. Best Alternative Thirty Seconds to Mars ~ Jared Leto gets all the awards in my book. All of them. Best New 5 Seconds of Summer ~ I am the biggest closet 5sos fan girl so I was (very calmly) screaming for them when I saw that they won! Best Female Ariana Grande ~ Somewhere Mariah Carey is silently sobbing Best Look Katy Perry ~ She was a sad cheeto for Halloween. A SAD CHEETO. Worldwide Act Bibi Zhou ~ ...I will be looking up who this is later... Best Live One Direction ~ They're pretty much the bomb at anything. Niall's little guitar playing gimmick gets cuter and cuter every time. Best Rock Linkin Park ~ They're still around? Best Male Justin Bieber ~ He's still around?!?! Best World Stage Enrique Iglesias ~ He can be my hero. Anyone who says they don't have a major crush on Enrique is lying. Best Song With a Message Beyonce – “Pretty Hurts” ~ You tell 'em Beyonce. But can we just remark on how lame of a category this is? I was under the impression that all songs are supposed to have a message :/ Best Hip Hop Nicki Minaj ~ My queen. She deserves this award every year. Best Pop One Direction ~ I love that they won this as they're fighting in every way possible to get out of the pop category. Sorry guys, at least you won? Best Song Ariana Grande – “Problem” ft. Iggy Azalea ~ I will never not sing this song at the top of my lungs whenever I hear it. To say this is my jam is the understatement of the century. Biggest Fans One Direction ~ 1D fangirls treat their hobby like a full-time job, and they're damn good at it. Best Electronic Afrojack ~ This area is not my forte but props to you for beating out Avicii. Best Push 5 Seconds of Summer ~ Best Push? What does this even mean? Global Icon Ozzy Osbourne ~ ...what
I love Bibi Zhou! She collaborated with a Korean group that I really like, you should check her out :)
Yes, Enrique Iglesias is everyone's hero! This is an interesting list of winners...I'm surprised @ Linkin Park.
lol justin Bieber is seriously still around? ?