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Here's my amateur attempt at grading fashion. I grabbed my 10 favorite outfits from the red carpet of the EMAs and thought I'd offer my thoughts :) 1. Charlie XCX - Performing two hit songs for the night, Charlie XCX rocked awesome heels, and even more awesome make-up. She rocked the red carpet and then put on a pyrotechnic, purely badass performance. Not a bad night! 2. Bibi Zhou - Taking home the award for Best World Act, Bibi Zhou looked powerful and elegant in her red carpet outfit. 3. Jena Malone - Simple and flirty, Jane looked cute and classy in her navy tweed dress. While she wasn't up for any awards, I've loved watching her fashion sense mature since her role in Pride and Prejudice! 4. Ariana Grande - Classy, elegant, and a really cool cut! Whoever thought to put her in this dress was brilliant! 5 - 10. Nicki Minaj I could not get enough of Nicki Minaj's outfits. All 500 of them. She looked gorgeous and even her showier outfits were fine by me. The fact that she can change from elegant evening gown to see-through body suit shows how she's all over the map. I would have loved to see the mess that her dressing room must have become by the end of the night.
@JoseABlanco but there are 5 different girls...which one are you talking about?
I really don't know but she sure could use a little extra weight. she's pretty but she is very.skinny
Nicki Minaj is so fabulous. @JoseABlanco which girl are you talking about??
I really like Ariana with her hair down!
Gain some weight girl
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