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Motorcycle running from police escapes

This might be one of the most intense chases I have seen. Watch as this guy basically evades a pretty good police driver. This from the youtube uploader: "Motorcycle running from the police is about to be caught. The rider makes epic escape from cops. Street bike stunt rider rides a wheelie right passed brand new police charger patrol car. Police chase engages when rider ignores law enforcement and runs away from police in hot pursuit. Stunt bike is a full throttle 6th gear on the limiter slipping traffic and riding on shoulder passing cars with new style charger police cruiser chasing close behind. Rider flies passed two more cop cars and keeps running racing down the highway at high speeds. Traffic thins out and cop car is able to pass the rider due to stunt bike having large rear sprocket for performing stunts like wheelies. The police officer begins driving very aggressively after passing rider slamming on his brakes and swerving a crossed all freeway lanes blocking the rider so he is not able to pass the cop car and is forced to follow behind cop car. It looks like the police officer is going to catch the motorcyclist when the rider shows the police officer a little trick of his own making an epic escape from the police. Rider getting away to ride another day." As this just happened tonight, he is still at large. While the video is great to see, it is very dangerous. Please be careful out there people. There are drivers like him.
Eat shit jessiereggin u like cops to ram their night stick up if ass
cop should have just rammed into him at full speed.
Lmao that's right!!!
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I suck at drawing. Besides arts and crafts, and doing puzzles, drawing is something else I can't do well. That's not saying that I don't have fun doing it! It took me four years of taking art in high school for me to start feeling mildly approving of my skills. My perfectionism goes into overdrive and any little mistake I made appears, to me at least, as a huge, Grand Canyon sized fuck up. My eyes immediately rush to it and my mind magnifies it. Only with drawing =_= All the challenges that drawing presents make it the most fun and enjoyable activities I've ever indulged in, besides motorcycle riding and, uh, that one other thing. Far from perfect, but it's just a rough 30 minute sketch I rushed out! ^.^ Oh yeah, and that's my baby. One of them! Her name is Layla. And since I introduced her, I may as well show the rest XD This stinker is Dozer. He's MY puppy. My cat... Zoe Bella. She's mean. Lol This is Igor... He's around 5 1/2 feet long. Kind of mean too lol This little ball is Triton XD he's the oldest. And lastly.... My baby girl... I miss her so much. ;-; I love you, Roxy My baby.... Roxanne, or Roxy. Named by the only other person to ever sit on her. A 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250r.... But yeah... Got her as my 17th birthday present, rode her for almost 3 years, but two or so months ago, this happened.... Ah. I miss riding so much. The freedom.... The joy... The excitement... The speed... The wind... In all honesty, I'd rather ride than fondue. (If you get that reference, I love you. Seriously.) This post extended and changed past my original intent lol I suppose it's the boredom lol I hope you're doing well! Feel free to leave your randomness in the comments, or make your own card of everything introducing random stuff about your life XD