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Hello all! I hope your November has been great so far. I've been thinking about ways that I, as moderator of the Creative Writing Community, can help us all grow as writers together. And so, I've come up with a plan! NOVEMBER WEEKLY CARD FEATURE: - Every Sunday for the rest of the month, I will choose the piece that I feel best represents our community (through comments, likes, clips, and overall great-ness of the piece). - As moderator, I have the ability to make a card "sticky" which means it stays at the top of the Community recommended feed (read here for more details: - I will make the card I choose "sticky" and it will be featured for one week! NOVEMBER FEATURED COLLECTION CONTEST: - As a moderator, I also have the ability to feature two collections, so that they appear first in the collections feed of the community. - At the end of November, the two best collections will be featured for the beginning of December! - I'm still determining how to best decide which two, but the collections should have a theme (either a specific Holiday Theme, or themed as all of your works, or something like that. Get creative!) They should also have a good looking cover image. THANKSGIVING WRITING PROMPTS: - I'm going to start making some "thankful" writing prompts to go with Thanksgiving, so make sure to take a look at this, and participate! Let me know if you have any further ideas on how to grow our community, and message me if you have any interests in becoming Community Staff!
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@moya23 I will do it later tonight, so I will be posting in the evening Sundays, so even if it goes up Sunday that is fine! There is no theme: whatever you want to share. I will make a post when I choose my favorite card for the week. In the future, I hope we can add more community staff and feature more than one card!
Anyway is there any specific theme we should write? weekly theme? Also,since you will choose every Sunday meaning it should be posted before Sunday? You will make an announcement when should we start to write or just write anything we like?
@hikaymm I don't see yours yet! I'll be posting another soon, so I hope you can join both.
Yikes I'm behind already! I'll try to share something, but I'm not sure exactly what to share yet....hmmm....thanks for the inspiration @greggr I'll give it a go!
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