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Come on man bieber ruined music now he's gotta mess with longboarding?????
best comments ever
hey now, I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber either and he certainly doesn't have the best reputation. but let's look at it this way, awesome longboarders like us are the people he's trying to immitate. that's why he's on that board, he's trying to be like us. When people think JB they don't think about longboarding, they just think about how much of a jerk he is and his diminishing publicity. So he doesn't have anything on us xD and plus, this only got like 10 likes in the span of 3 WHOLE HOURS on Instagram, That pretty much shows that no one really cares about JB and his "endeavor to longboard"
5 bucks says when he eats dirt it'll be when I take his board
5 bucks says the first time he eats dirt, hes going to quit xD
too much hate on this feed lmao
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