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so I loooove the graphics sector9 puts on their boards but I'm not a fan of the lack of innovation and creativity of the boards themselves. granted I've only actually ridden three of their boards myself. your input?
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I've never seen those I'll have to look into them.@Shulace @MicahKnopp
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sector or s9 heavy on the cruisers but the have a good downhill division not to mention they do own arbor, gullwing trucks, r.a.d., sunset and do collaborations with munkae and caliber
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they own RAD and gullwing?@Mannith
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Id never buy a sector 9 board unless it was a DHD board. I really don't like them. Graphics don't matter much to me but board quality does
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the Budro and their DHD are the only ones worth buying IMO. they make a couple good thaney mids though
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