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I'm a little behind on posting this, but here is my 4th day of the B&W challenge! I had to turn these photos into B&W via editing (I usually don't take B&W) so I'm not sure how good they are, so please give any feedback that you have! This photo is from Pittsburgh, in the downtown area, where there are often ducks and geese looking for some attention!
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@JonPatrickHyde I really appreciate the critique, and the lesson!! When I first studied any photography, I studied B&W film, and darkroom techniques, but that has since passed from my interest (it's too expensive for me). I haven't been formally trained in using any photo editors, so I've been learning a bit here and there, so I'm glad this was a successful rending of the color photo to B&W. I love that this feels melancholy, as I hoped that it would in the transition to B&W. As far as the angle and composition, well, that was a bit of luck, but I liked what I saw and managed to snap it! Thanks so much for your encouragement: I hope to share more in the future.
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@photogandy @JonPatrickHyde @Vaius @caricakes I think picking a certain color or a theme is a great idea: it doesn't limit creativity, but keeps us having some direction given to us!
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@TechAtHeart i see. Hmm, we could have different theme every week from everyone, like @JonPatrickHyde post natural based photo this week, perhapd we could put some animals , human expression for following weeks?
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@Vaius - I love this idea. We take turns and it offers everyone a chance to see the world through each others eyes.
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Sounds good! :-)
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