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i may not be the prettiest but i am special and unique in my own way.. i am strong.. may be not at all times.. i am nice.. but if you mess with me,i may not be all that good.. i may cry at times.. but that doesn't mean i am weak.. if you stand my way, i can break you.. if you look down upon me.. i can prove myself better.. i may not be perfect.. but i am me.. and i love myself.. just the way i am.. if you'll love me..i'll love you back.. if you hate me.. i'll be worse.. if you try to trample me..i'll come back at you.. if you'll shout at me, i'll drown your voice.. if you push me..i'll stand up and start again.. if you pull me back.. i'll push my way through.. if you hurt me.. i'll grow stronger.. if you break my trust, you'll lose me if you leave me alone.. i'll walk ahead, never to look back at you.. I love myself first I may not be the best for you.. But I’m the best I can be.. And nobody can be a better me.
same here ..however buzy life may get..i'll never forget it.. and even if at times i dont show..hope you know you're missed!! p.s. different time zones suck
inoe, n il never 4get iht, even wen im busy wit studies, il nevah 4get it :)
that's friendship!! feels lyk ages
wow, seems like a long time ago wen we first met :D
yes..back then!!
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