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When it come to shoes, comfort is my number one priority. I remember purchasing my first pair of heels only to throw them away. It fit poorly and I regret not testing it for extended wear. The pain didn't kick in at the first but it eventually hurt my ankle after an hour. After this experience, I spoke to a shoe expert at a trade show. He gave me a few advice when looking for a pair of good shoe. In general, look for correctly designed arches that are well balanced and match the natural shape of the feet. For wide-foot: Avoid pointy-toe shoes and opt for round-toe shoes. The last thing you want is to suffocate your toe and get toe contractures. For heels/pumps: 1. Notice the difference between heels that seem to tower and heels that feel like flats. 2. Take particular note of any flex or "wobble" you may feel in the arches, or any sense of the heel shifting or twisting under your weight. Don't buy if this happens. For boots/heels: 1. Avoid choosing high heels for daily long wear. A higher heel means more stress on the ball of the foot, ankle, and knee, which increases as the height goes up. If you must, go for wedges and shoes with cushion inside.
I always go for bigger heels. Stilettos are nobody's friend!
Good advice! A good pair of shoes also benefits your posture!