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On the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's destruction, some 8,000 balloons have been put up by German artists as a way to commemorate the joyous occasion. The balloons cover more than 9 miles of the city, and are intended to "recreate" the wall in remembrance. In looking back at the wall, let's not forget why it existed, and why it posed a problem to the world. Sure, we all study history and know of the roots of the wall, but do we know why it was taken down, or some less known facts about it? Here's a few you might have missed: • According to NPR, the rush of East Germans and West Germans to the wall happened after Guenther Schabowski, on Nov. 9 1989, wrongly announced that East Germans would be allowed to cross into West Germany. • tells us that the Berlin "wall" was actually 2 concrete barriers divided by 160 yards. In this division, there were watchtowers, trenches, runs for guard dogs, flood lights and trip-wire machine guns. • Parts of the Wall are on display or in private safekeeping all over the world. One section of the Wall is in a men's room of the Main Street Casino in Las Vegas, reports. Urinals are mounted on the graffiti-covered segment, which is protected by glass. Another section is in the gardens of the Vatican. • 1/6 of the population of East Germany moved to West Germany during the 15 years before the construction of the wall.
@onesmile Yeah, it's weird to think that this wasn't a sudden erection, but something that built up gradually, and that people knew what was coming, though of course, they couldn't all make it out.
I had no idea there was such al ong period before the walls erection in which people were leaving East Germany; I guess it seems obvious now, considering it couldn't have been built overnight!