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A super healthy dairy free popsicle made from peanut butter and banana! INGREDIENTS 2 large or 3 small bananas 3 tbsp smooth peanut butter 1 tsp chopped mixed nuts INSTRUCTIONS Blitz the bananas and peanut butter together in a blender until mixed and a smooth consistency. Pour into 3 of the popsicle molds, insert a wooden stick and place the molds into the freezer. After 30 minutes sprinkle some chopped nuts on the top of each popsicle and return to the freezer for at least another 90 minutes, or until the popsicles are frozen.
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3 ingredients that I already have in my kitchen :)
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This is dangerously easy to make...
3 years ago·Reply
So simple!! I'll let you know how they taste in about 2 hours :)
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I'd dip this in chocolate too and let it freeze again!
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Can't wait to try this. But I'm afraid I can't eat only one.
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