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What are you riding? Why? What's an upgrade you want? #AskTheCommunity
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I'm riding nothing at the moment. would love anything but prefer a amber or sector9
@Jlukasik I agree, I talked to brad about how they compare restriction wise with cals ended up being waaay to tight for me to lean, yet still more responsive than even my Ronins
more restrictive than calibers? really? they're 45° but they feel a lot like k3s on 50° baseplates to me.
@Jlukasik I rode 93chubby 85barrel in my pcals, and brad recommended riding 93chubby/90barrel which was way too hard for me. 87.5riot/85riptide is cherry tho I've found 93chubby/85barrel with the nut just at the locktite feels good on my shortest wheelbase
ohh man arsenal is having a 30% off sale on black Friday :| what a bad time to be broke