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Shubham Banerjee is a normal 13 year old, except he is a CEO and just got funded by Intel for his startup, Braigo Labs. He invented and built a more affordable Braille printer for the blind. After seeing how expensive Braille printers were, Banerjee decided to build a cheaper one, with the help of a Lego’s Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit. It took me a while to let that sink in the first time I read this...a Braille printer built out of Legos? Wow. The prototype for the printer that will be released in the market looks more sophisticated and is coded in Python. I'm really impressed and happy for Banerjee. In the video I attached (slide 2), it was mentioned that he is the youngest VC investment in history. He lives in Silicon Valley, which is the perfect place to be for a young entrepreneur. I really love that his motive is to help people, in this case, the blind. I hope he is able to accomplish that goal with this new investment from Intel!
What am I doing with my life...
He's only 13! Imagine what he could accomplish in the future. This is a great news story, @TechatHeart
This is amazing! Not only is he brilliant but he is using his powers for good! I hope this inspires others to look into using technology for products like this.
this just makes me happy. super excited about this product and Shubham's character. Bravo.
@caricakes Agreed! I bet that's why he has had the fortune to succeed: because he's looking to help people through his invention! That kind of project is always the best kind.
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