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3 Ways to Destroy the Universe
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The universe is bound to end eventually, but how will it happen? 1) Gravity expansion aka the Big Rip 2) Heat Death / Deep Freeze 3) Big Crunch & Big Bounce (this one is the happiest, trust me). Which theory do you think is most likely to occur? Like these guys, I hope that our universe is just one in a long history of universes that will continue to exist forever!
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This is so grim :( I wonder how people figured out all these theories: space knowledge is so beyond me!
I don't see how the universe can end with the current theories out there. Expansion of the universe forever will not take it out of existence. It will just get colder and bigger. I think I have to go with 3
@JulienS Good point: 3 does seem the most likely. Even if the universe were to go into 1 or 2, I don't think we can predict if it could bounce back from one of these or not.