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Run@Seoul Mission Trailer

Namsan Tower. Gangnam. The Royal Palace. These places are usually packed with tourists looking to experience “all” of Seoul. Due to their limited time, though, they often miss out on so many other places that are what make Seoul such a vibrant and beautiful city. Run@Seoul week is a campaign purposely created to shine a light on the unheralded beauties of Seoul. Through this campaign, you will be able to experience vicariously through the eyes of global citizens such as yourself, a Seoul unlike you have ever seen. Discover the beauty of the Han river, the delicacies of Korean street foods, the unique sound of street performers… discover ALL that is Seoul. The full campaign explained here =>
This sounds like something @MattK95 @Toykopop @sherrysahar and @christy would be really interested in! I want to participate!
Omg it been a dream please pick me I have so Many dream of seeing my idols but hope am not to late to join please I would do anything to go there it alway been a dream and this is the only chance that I get to go to South Korea
Trap your right I was in Seoul for a week I never know some people wear very friendly some just look at you strange but All and all I was blessed with meeting so many good people I love Korea hoping to go again next year to many thing I have yet to see it's a wonder land for me,and discoving is Amazing
Thank you!!! I'll totally be there.@kpopandkimchi
Seoul is such an amazing city! This will be a really great opportunity to see it in a brand new way. I'll stay tuned~
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Alan Đức Nguyễn Amazing Việt Nam welcome photographers Viet Nam and around the world!
POSTED ALAN ĐỨC NGUYỄN AMAZING VIỆT NAM Hello photographers Viet Nam and around the world! Show the wonders you see in Vietnam on your journey. Whether it’s photos from a long time ago, or new photos. Whether it’s a moment you accidentally captured, or you meticulously orchestrated it. Whether it’s the gorgeous flowers that bloom on a spring morning, or the garbage trucks on a cold winter’s day. Whether it is a young woman in a flowing ao dai in the city, or it is an ethnic girl in the high mountains. Whether it’s a happy smile or sad tears. Whatever they are, they are magical moments of beautiful Vietnam. Log in to and post your favorite photos and memories with you. Wish you happy! Amazing Vietnam Mến chào những nhiếp ảnh gia Việt Nam và trên toàn thế giới! Hãy cho thấy những điều kỳ diệu bạn chiêm ngưỡng tại Việt Nam trên hành trình của bạn. Dù đó là những bức ảnh từ rất lâu, hoặc những bức ảnh mới. Dù đó là khoảnh khắc bạn vô tình chụp được, hoặc do bạn kỳ công sắp đặt. Dù đó là những bông hoa lộng lẫy nở vào buổi sáng mùa xuân, hoặc đó là những chiếc xe chở rác vào một mùa đông giá rét. Dù đó là thiếu nữ trong áo dài tha thướt tại thành phố, hoặc đó là những cô bé dân tộc trên vùng núi cao. Dù đó là nụ nười hạnh phúc hoặc là những giọt nước mắt buồn đau. Dù đó là gì đi nữa thì cũng là những khoảnh khắc diệu kỳ của Việt Nam tươi đẹp. Hãy đăng nhập vào flickr và post những bức ảnh bạn yêu thích nhất, nhiều kỷ niệm nhất với bạn nhé. Chúc bạn luôn vui vẻ! Việt Nam kỳ diệu Alan Đức Nguyễn
Korean Winter Street Foods
Korea is proud of its food, but it REALLY proud of its street food. There are different foods depending on the season, and I have to say that winter is the best. Here's a list of foods you MUST TRY if you get the chance: 군고구마 (kun go-gu-ma) 군 means "roasted" and 고구마 is Korean sweet potato. The potato is roasted in a huge barrel oven, then handed to you with the skin still on. It's your job to peel it and eat the sweet goodness inside. You can buy an entire bag if you want! 호떡 (ho-ddeok) 호떡 is sort of a pancake/donut combination. It is fried dough filled with cinnamon, sugar, and occasionally nuts. It is flattened into a pancake shape and handed to you in a tiny paper cup. Be careful with the first bite because the inside are often boiling hot! (There are also vegetable versions but the dessert version is much better in my opinion!) 군밤 (kun bam) We just learned that 군 means roasted and now we learn another word: 밤 means chestnut! Just like in New York where there are roasted nut stands everywhere around Christmas time, the cold weather brings out the roasted chestnut vendors. 계란빵 (kye-ran bbang) 계란 means egg while 빵 means bread so voila! Egg bread! The bread part is similar to corn bread, but a little less corn-y and the egg is steamed on top to make a really, really delicious combo. It's my favorite street food after 군고구마 :D 호두과자 (ho-du kwa-ja) The small of this is unnnnbelievable! 호두 means walnut and 과자 means cookie or snack. Therefore 호두과자 is a walnut cookie! They are shaped like walnuts and filled with sweet red bean. You can buy these by the bag full too! 회오리감자 (hwae-o-ri kam-ja) LOOK AT THESE THINGS! They are called 회오리감자 because 회오리 means tornado and 감자 means potato. Behold the potato tornado! I have NO idea how you eat these :) Have you guys tried any of these? Which are your favorite? @NysA @xanderskissme @AmbieB @Jiyongixoxo @BabySheep @phantomsluvr @Rhia @VixenViVi @JohnEvans @RobertMarsh @ElizabethT @ArmyofKookie @shantalcamara @KittyKpop @jannatd93 @cthulu @HarperKennett @musicundefined9 @DekaraMiller @Mahealani @kpoplove89 @tannyo @IMNII @kpopisnylife @KoreanLove2 @lawtont @baileykayleen @oceanseokjin @Sammie99522 @RoyallyPrincess @heidichiesa @asterkimchee @CurrySoop @malibella @puppycatX0X0 @notgucci3 @Lizzeh @reallychelsea @JorgeRAMME @adikiller @blazinpurplehl @kvnguyen @lupemontserrat @ParkMinRin13 @peytoncarter2 @aguileragissel @FallingByeol @adritha13 @toughcookie @TesneemElAlami @VWolf12XOXO @ToyaH @aleciaLOVES @no5alive @AnnahiZaragoza @TravelSizedGirl @kthyl @Adetoro @linzi0302 @hahabts @primodiva93 @cindystran @Saeda1320 @misssukyi @preeta @Yearnin2learn @DorisMay27 @iforisabelle @TLeahEdwards @robertakm64 @azaraa @JeanNwagbuo @aliahwhbmida @WiviDemol @ariana2k @sosoaloraine23 @hisundays @3mmY4 @sukkyongwanser @asterkimchee @misssukyi @MandySpaulding @LatoyaHudson @Claymorex @SaraHelguero @thatkdramalover @sierradimes @TokkiGwiyomi @AnelVega @KaiTakashima @UKissMeKevin @jemitza @VWolf12XOXO @HuonTreeRoo @lovebluecolor @kel53 @JezziCrypt @LysetteMartinez @Fleurdemai00 @oxSoZeroxo @k0reanbbyq @ceramoore3 @YessicaCardenas @Kuramariin @jannatd93 @herreravanessa9 @WiviDemol @VixenViVi @Roxy1903 @NiaLuv19 @kmayong @Baekyeol27 @9thMuse @Ilikepancakes @CandaceJordan @RobertMarsh @KiKi29 @Rhia @AnnahiZaragoza @YGWinner @EllieDean @LizaNightshade @panouvang123 @sherrysahar @mistymaity @GuerlyReyes @maralatto @shantalcamara @paszikelly @SerenaMcG @unbreakable1109 @Diablo6 @YessicaCardenas @Tigerlily84 @JorgeRAMME @Bose @AegyoBunny @VivianCrespoMed @Airess95 @SHINee808 @DaisySalazar @Pickles440 @BryAnnaAhrens @CloverShadows @JordanShuler @ChrystalA @Diajuni @minsangu @TatyTheTot @GraceWatson @NickySerban @Sinique @AnaMata7397 @nightcoreanimen @KarlythePanda66 @KellyOConnor @trashlord @hyolouxx @Sarahwifi @JayDay @nettaj1013 @Miyukichan @XergaB20 @pharmgirlerin @JasmineWilliams @toughcookie @warjeensuleiman @DasiaB @talimarks @ckienitz @KeyBoss @ChristiMarie @YokoUdoran @hayesfordaze @KagamiTaiga @malibella @ocherrylimeadeo @DjKpop12 @reyestiny93 @ZeeRow