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Ever seen a place on TV or on the web and wondered if it really looks like that? Ever had a city that you wish you could map out from the comfort of your home? The Run@Seoul campaign is a revolutionary campaign that will allow global netizens from across the world to do just that. A designated runner will travel through Seoul with an action camera on his/her body. The runner will live-broadcast everything that they see and experience while traveling Seoul. To make things even more fun and interactive, not only will people from all over the world be watching live, they will be giving the runners missions. This is an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to see a Seoul that they have never seen before. We hope that this is a fun, interactive way for the world to experience a new Seoul, together. The Run@Seoul week starts November 17th and ends on the 23rd. Before that, though, we invite you to learn a little more about this amazing opportunity at our official page:
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wow I love this idea :o jealous of everyone that gets to visit/be a runner but it's be interesting to see what others do while there :D
I wish I was in Korea to be one of the runners. :D this is such a great idea!!!
A very interesting and cool idea. I hope that whoever gets picked has lots of fun! I will definitely visit Korea in the future! (ah, as soon as I become proficient in Korean haha)
i want to be a partner whoever from that 5 runners. And as well accept so many mission that will be awsome because my only dream is korea. I love everythin in korea especially the people..
how can i join? i wanna go to seoul