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I procrastinate when it comes to choosing an outfit to go out on a date or special event. Which is why I always end up purchasing a new pair of shoes the day before wearing it. I know you have to break into the shoe before slipping it on. But when you are running out of time you have to have Plan B. With that said, here's a quick a pain-free way to break into your shoes. 1. Fill a freezer-strength Ziploc bag with water until it’s about half full. 2. Gently squeeze out the air before zipping it fully closed. 3. Place the bag of water in the shoe, or simply where the problem area is. (Tip: You can block off parts of the shoe with crumpled newspaper to keep the bag of water where you want it.) 4. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight, or until the water is completely frozen. As the water turns to ice, it will expand, stretching the leather with it. 5. Remove the shoes from the freezer, wait about an hour for the ice to thaw, then remove the bags. You’re done!
I'm totally going to try this! I get my flats from Target and they are always too small for about a week until I stretch them out - then they are perfect and last me for at least a year! It's just that painful week that drives me crazy. I'll try this method next time I get a pair :)
I agree, great tip! I wonder how I could make this work with heels...I have a pair that are strapped at the ankle that are so uncomfortable at the moment...