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Rukus rebellion

Anyone else thing that the Honda ruckus is the most modified scooter out there? There is so much you can do to these and people are taking them to the extreme. If you where too broke to own a Stanced car, why not own the next best thing for the fraction of the price!
I would put a ruckus in car, or on the roof, in case I wanted to drive it around on the beach xD.
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What to Know With a Towing Service Sharjah
Sometimes, cars break down. If you've never had a car break down, all you have to do is wait, and it will happen. Vehicles are complicated, and the more complicated something is, the more problems it can have. We don't want our cars to break down, but if they do, a tow truck will come to our rescue. Tow trucks and towing service in Sharjah are our best friends when our cars break down. Most tow trucks fall into four main categories: When a car gets stuck in a ditch, culvert, or embankment, a boom is used to pull it out. Usually, a boom is not used for towing. It is used when the tow truck can't back up to the broken-down car safely. The hook and chain is another type of towing tool that many cheap towing companies use. It goes around the frame of the vehicle so that a boom winch can lift it, where it will rest on rubber mats. It lets the car be pulled by a single axle. The problem is that they can damage bumpers, so many towing near me are looking for other ways to move cars. The hook-and-chain lift has been replaced by the wheel lift. This method uses a big metal yoke that hooks onto either the front or back wheels. The tow truck then lifts the car so that it only rests on one wheel, usually the back wheel. The front wheels of cars that have front-wheel drive are raised. If the car has rear-wheel drive, the back wheels will go up. With flat-bed tow trucks, the whole car can be put on the back of the truck so it can be moved without being towed. Instead, the car is moved away from where it broke down. The only bad thing about a towing service is that it can be expensive. The price will go up the farther away you are from the repair shop. A good tip is to look into towing companies and keep a list of the ones in certain parts of the city, along with their per-mile rates. So, if your car breaks down, you can look at the list and choose the company that is closest to you. You can also do the same thing with mechanics to cut down on the distance your car needs to be moved. This will save you a lot of money on towing costs since most towing companies charge a certain amount per mile to move your car. The more you drive, the more money you spend, and you haven't even started fixing your car yet! When our cars break down, we're glad to see heavy equipment rental businesses and their tow trucks. When we need someone to pick us up and take our cars away, they are doing a service that we need. Just do a study to avoid paying too much. Which is the best place to find information in Sharjah? You will be able to use the map to find the closest business and download coupons for any discounts that place may be offering at the time.
Let me introduce the new product 'Dualtron Man' made by Minimotors! :D
Minimotors has been successfully done the final test of Dualtron Man. 2016 Summer, The Dualtron Man will rewrite history of the personal mobility. We Minimotors spent 10 months from the development to success of the final test. We developed motor, controller, driven type of the wheel with so many trial and error, modification and test. And finally we have done it! With our final test, we got the much better result than we think, therefore, today we would like to notice the final specification of the Dualtron Man. *Dualtron Man specification* 1. Dualtron Man Weight : Body: , Battery 7.5Kg(Ex+) (Total about 33kg) 2. Battery Type : Dualtron Man MX (60V 18Ah 1,065Wh) Price : 1,980,000won (Made in China Li-ion) Dualtron EX (60V 24Ah 1,420Wh) Price : 2,180,000won (Made in China Li-Polymer) Dualtron EX+ (60V 31.5Ah 1,864Wh) Price : 2,480,000Won (Made in Korea or Japan Li-ion) 3, Dualtron Man Auxilialy battery : (60V, 14Ah 829Wh) Price : 648,000won (Made in Korea or Japan Li-ion) 4. Max Speed : 65km, (70kg, 67.2v Max charge) Max Load : 140kg 5. Max Climbing: 50% climbing possible (Climbing degree about 26º) 6. Max range : Flat road 20km continuous riding : Max 100-110km Flat road 30km continuous riding : Max 75-85km, Flat road full throttle riding : 50-60km (EX+ battery, 70kg, temperature more than 25ºc) 7. Brake system : Rear disk brake and electric brake (Both brake simultaneously operated when lever work) 8. Auto recovery charging system operated when brake lever work: Max charging current about 5Ah charging(World first&best efficiency 9. Motor and controller hit generation is max 65ºc. Stable driving with maximized cooling system. 10. Max output of motor is 2,700W. 11. Silent wheel driving with the large bearing system on the front and rear wheel. 12. The cowl on the Dualtron Man is very strong with polycarbonate which material is used for protection against bullets. 13. Most parts even tire tube are developed and made by Minimotors. It will be launched on the Minimotors global shopping mall. Please visit :D Minimotors global shopping mall : Minimotors business page : Minimotors Korean homepage : Minimotors Naver Cafe :