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Lee Jongsuk has revealed his experience when filming for SBS’s latest drama “Pinocchio” at the drama’s press conference that was held in the SBSB building yesterday, November 6. He said the hair loss was because he had to wear a wig for a long time. The actor-model has to wear it because his character Choi Dalpo has long and messy hair. “Because I wore the wig for a long time, I realized my front hair had started to fall. It feels like I’m still wearing the wig, and it is fairly sad. I look uglier than expected. This ugliness will not be fully expressed if a handsome actor was to act [his role],” he said. “When I take off the wig, I feel much more refreshed, but I’m worried because my hair falls,” he continued. “Pinocchio” that is also starred by Park Shinhye, Kim Youngkwang, and Lee Yoobi, is scheduled to premiere on November 12.
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