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1. BaekYeol / ChanBaek(Baekhyun & Chanyeol) This pair is loved by many EXO fans. They were born in the same year, and also part of EXO’s boisterous gang “The Beagle Line”. Chanyeol and Baekhyun indeed have similar traits, they like to chat and often work together to tease their other bandmates. 2. HunHan (Sehun & Luhan) Before Luhan filed for a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, he was often paired up with maknae Sehun. The idol who is four years older has become like an older brother to Sehun. During their early debut, Sehun even expressed that he had missed Luhan when they had to promote separately. 3. TaoRis (Tao & Kris) These two Chinese members were known as father and son. Kris was indeed seen taking care of Tao who although is a martial arts expert often showed his childish side. They were so close, Tao had even asked Kris to accompany him while he was having a shower because he was scared. “I was eating in the living room, suddenly our manager came over and told me ‘Tao called you’. Then I came over and he suddenly shouted “hyung I’m scared! Accompany me to the shower. So I stood in front of the door waiting for him to finish his bath for half an hour,” he revealed. 4. XiuHan (Xiumin & Luhan) These two oldest members in the band are close friends because they were both born in 1990, and big fans of soccer. Xiumin and Luhan ofter practice soccer together, and had played on the same futsal team on MBC’s show “Idol Championship”. “I like Xiumin. He has lost a lot of weight and doesn’t put insoles when he wears shoes. He’s extremely cute and seems like a dongsaeng to me,” Luhan said. 5. TaoHun (Tao & Sehun) Tao and Sehun’s closeness can be seen in various situations. For instance, they went to China together during the Chuseok holiday in 2013, and had another holiday with Suho during Chuseok in 2014. Tao and Sehun also often upload their selca pictures on each of their Instagram accounts. Their bandmates often tease them, because of their closeness. 6. KaiSoo (Kai & Kyungsoo) Kai and Kyungsoo (D.O) are one of OTPs in SM Entertainment that are very famous amongst fans. D.O’s effeminate appearance is very in contrast with Kai who often appears sexy on stage. EXO’s leader Suho revealed that Kai once did not like D.O because of his face and scary gaze. “I remember during trainee time, Kai once said ‘I don’t want to sit with that hyung‘,” he explained, which followed by laughter from other members. Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
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