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It’s a little hard to believe that the show I watched when I was a child has been on longer than I’ve even been aline but today Sesame Street is celebrating 45 years on air. Here are some classic clips from the show through the years, starting in 1969 with a clip of Games Earl Jones presenting the alphabet. ● James Earl Jones presents the alphabet, 1969 ● Kermit contemplates being green, 1970 ● Johnny Cash delivers the ballad of “Nasty Dan”, 1973 ● Elmo finds his song, 1990 ● Christopher Reeve helps Ernie’s Rubber Duckie with his ABCs, 2000 ● Patrick Stewart ponders B or not to B, 2001 ● Destiny’s Child shows Grover and the gang “A New Way To Walk”, 2002 ● Neil Patrick Harris shows off his new shoes, 2008 ● Sesame Street goes head over heels for “Upside Downton Abbey”, 2012 ● Peter Dinklage explains why what Simon Says goes, 2013
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I love these! Thanks so much for putting them together! I think Sesame Street has done an amazing job of staying relevant to new generations while keeping the same familiar feel. I hope my son will have fond memories of it, too! I love the Johnny Cash one - I hadn't seen it before. Perfect pairing with Oscar! The Patrick Stewart one is great, too. Who am I kidding? They're all great!