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OMGeee! I'm so excited to see lee to visit manila on november! I will buy his endorsing t-shirt of bench! =) Thank you bench for inviting lee in manila. I've been wishing for this since 2009 when he still in Boys over flowers! OMG! So exciteeeeed! :"""> #Minoz =)
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pls update us how to meet oppa leeminho and take picture with him if he is going here in philippines
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Lee min ho is live at araneta coliseun on NoV.16 ..grab the copy of the phil. Star newspaper Oct.13, u can see the promo mechanics for Bench setter Fun meet Lee min ho
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is patron already sold out????pls inform us tnx...
5 years ago·Reply
@ leezha23 yup!! sold out n try other bench store or her bench
5 years ago·Reply
i already do that...huhuhuhu feel sad about that
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