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Doodle in the Air!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat????

This is amazing. A 3D pen. You literally draw in the air using a sort of solder-like pen that feeds out a filament that is immediately free-standing. So many ideas. I don't even want to know how expensive this is, but I am pretty sure I'll wind up with one because it's just so COOL.
This is mind-boggling!
@onesmile your comment made me think of puffy paint and a tutorial I'd been wanting to share. It's definitely not as tech-cool as this awesome 3D printing, but thanks to inspiration from you and @McDoogle, here is a fun holiday 3D puffy paint tutorial:
Okay wait what wiat what?! This is so cool! I wonder if the glue/filament material is like puff paint? That's what it looks like to me. Either way, really awesome. I want one too! @McDoogle
@McDoogle I hope you do get one! I just know you'd make the coolest things - considering your artwork. Then you could show us!
I don't know how they accomplished this (or, lets be real, who thought ofit?) but I'm excited to see what kinds of art will be made from it!
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