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You all remember how excited I was about the rumors of Will Smith and Tom Hardy being potential anti-heroes in the upcoming DC movie Suicide Squad ( . Well one of the actors apparently being courted to be in the movie was Margot Robbie and NOW it looks like it may be for the role of Harley Quinn!!!!! And of course this is just after everyone in Hollywood is speculating that Jared Leto who was in the running to play Doctor Strange before Cumberbatch took the lead (, anyway apparently he’s being eyed for the role of The Joker. It’ll be hard to find anyone to play the role after Heath Ledger’s famous portray but Leto might be the guy. Harley is such an awesome character and so many fans, myself obviously included would be heartbroken if she wasn’t a part of the Suicide Squad. She’s iconic and a key member of the group so here’s hoping the rumors are true!