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@caricakes The climb up is not that heavy, trust me. Anyway there are buses or a train that can take you to the entrance. About the emptiness of this pictures, it's because It was taken at 8am in the morning (they open it at 6am). Although there was people around, lucky none of them were behind us. Another fact is that It was during low season, but anyway I think it was just a matter of luck because minutes after It got crowded as you say.
Wow!! Amazing photo; like @caricakes said you were really lucky to get such an empty photo. It's good to know the climb isn't too bad; my mom likes being outside but couldn't handle too hard of a climb, and this is somewhere she has always wanted to go. I love the clouds clinging to the mountains! @alejomarin
@timeturnerjones I know! We couldn't have been anymore lucky to get this shot. I'm glad you liked it! Take your mom there with no hesitation!
kaim a gore 22
@JohnyMehra Not following you dude. Could you explain your comment?