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This edit was made by "Dirty" Dan Mullany, and the skater was Jordan Koehler. I've skated with both of these guys a couple of times. They are both REALLY good, but Dan starts off the video funny making himself sound like a wuss, lol. These boards are handmade in Wisconsin, and this video was shot in Southern Oregon. Dubs is an awesome company, and I can't wait to get a deck from them! I'm already glad to own a piece of their work even though it's just a footstop
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HAHA! That's hilarious. You should watch my video Fall in Phoenix @filirican and check out my hair. I don't have those skills, but i was told I looked like Shaun White by a few different people when I had long hair lol
My brother P.J. mentioned to me that Jordan Steezed by where he ate crap hard and called it a day HAHA! Go Jordan!!!
what kind of bearings does he have o.o
siezmek tektons lol